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A woman's health undergoes development, growth, maturity and decline during her life span. Unlike men, women need additional supply of Qi, Blood and essence to bear the role of reproduction. TCM organs and meridians work collectively to keep a healthy body for women.

As the foundation of the women's body, Qi and Blood originate from Organs (Kidney, Spleen Liver, Lung, Heart and Stomach) and circulate through Chong, Ren, Du and Dai Meridians to Bao Gong (Uterus). Kidney, as the source of essence, is the origin of the formation of Tian Kui (Heavenly water), the material substance of menstrual blood.

While TCM gynecology bases itself on the diagnosis and treatment of general TCM internal medicine, it focuses on women's unique anatomy and physiology and classifies women's illness into the following categories:

  1. Menstruation
  2. Leukorrhea
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Delivery
  5. Miscellaneous

The common clinical protocols include nourishing Kidney, strengthening Spleen, soothing Liver, and reducing heat and dampness.

A health body starts with prevention and life style. The keys to women are sufficient positive Qi, smooth circulation of Qi and Blood, harmony of Organs, healthy Chong and Ren meridians, upbeat mental condition, balanced work and rest, and avoidance of injuries, cold, heat, and dampness.

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