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Acupuncture Came To Rescue For My Severe Pains...2015.

NM from Columbus, Ohio, May 2015.
"...I began treating with Dr. Shang in mid-May of 2013. Eight weeks earlier, I woke up with severe pain in my right shoulder, neck, and arm. It was hard to get out of bed as movement was difficult and restricted. I immediately began treatment with my chiropractor. However, improvement was slow and inconsistent. Six weeks later, improvement seemed to stop and I was still in a lot of pain. A friend recommended acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Shang (who was treating her husband). My chiropractor fully supported the idea and stated that the acupuncture would definitely help with my pain. Under Dr. Shang's treatment of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and gentle exercises, the pain and my arm's range of motion began to slowly improve again. At the end of May, my chiropractor ordered a MRI as the chiropractic adjustments were no longer helping my shoulder and my right tricep muscle was extremely weak. The MRI showed that a cervical disc had herniated and was pinching a nerve to my arm. My chiropractor referred to me to a neurosurgeon who scheduled a cervical discectomy in July. However, the surgeon advised that if the strength in my tricep came back before the surgery date, he would cancel the surgery. He gave me some gentle exercises to do for my tricep in hopes that the nerve signals would resume their normal strength. For the next few months, my chiropractor tested my tricep's strength while the only active treatment I could do was what Dr. Shang was able to provide via acupuncture and TCM. Under Dr. Shang's care, the pain gradually decreased and my arm's range of motion and strength increased. The surgeon postponed my surgery three times as the tricep continued to improve. In September, the surgeon advised me surgery was no longer necessary as the disc had healed and the right tricep was strong again. The arm continues to be strong. I still see Dr. Shang and my chiropractor periodically to keep my back healthy and strong..."

Early Promising Sign...2014.

DG from Athens, Ohio, January 2014.
" migraines have really diminished drastically since my first visit! I have only had one migraine for three days since I last saw you. Normally for that amount of time, 6 or even 9 days of migraines would be average. This is very promising! I am beginning to remember what it felt like to feel normal! I have been drinking ginseng tea, eating more nuts, using lavender body lotion, and massaging the spots you showed me...Overall, though, I am very pleased and hoping that this early sign isn't an anomaly! ...I wanted to let you know that we are pregnant, and so far, things are going well. We are between 17 and 18 weeks, due on August 6th. We found out we are having a boy, so that is exciting...Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it..."

Good News Keeps Coming...2014.

CM from Canton, Ohio, February 2014.

"...I wanted to let you know that we are pregnant, and so far, things are going well. We are between 17 and 18 weeks, due on August 6th. We found out we are having a boy, so that is exciting...Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it..."

A Successful Story of Infertility...2012.

CH from Cincinnati, Ohio, October 2012.
I struggled with infertility for seven years. I had been on birth control pills for a long time so I figured it would take a while to become pregnant. After two years my husband and I decided to go to a reproductive endocrinologist. We had every test you could think of: hystosalpingogram, blood work, diagnostic laparotomy, all were normal. The doctors put me on medicines I didn’t need “just to see if they help”. I was a mess. My periods were irregular, I was stressed, unhappy, angry. At one point we were told there was nothing more they could do for us. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I went on the internet looking for answers. I found Dr. Shang. I was interested in learning more and seeing if she had anything to offer us. I will admit I wasn’t a believer when I decided to make my first appointment. After all we had been through I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it. After my first appointment with Dr. Shang I was sold. I felt so much better after one treatment. Within a few months I felt like a new person. My periods were regular again. I was relaxed and happy. Then after a little over a year of treatment I found out I was pregnant. In October 2011 we welcomed our beautiful son into the world! I know none of this would have been possible if not for Dr. Shang. When Western medicine had no answers, Dr. Shang did. Not only do I have a baby, but I am a much happier person because of her hard work!

Warren senior finally on the road to recovery...2008.

Warren senior finally on the road to recovery. Marietta Times, December 24, 2008. (printed copy)

"...Senior Darci Leffingwell has endured more than her share of sports-related injuries while competing in soccer, softball and basketball. ...As the medical bills mounted, the Leffingwells remained perplexed...Administered at Body Logic in Vienna by Qingguo Shang, an Oriental Medical Doctor trained in Beijing, China, the non-conventional treatment turned out to provide quick relief."When we tried acupuncture, she immediately responded...By that night, she started having movement." "Yeah, that really worked well," Darci Leffingwell said. "That was the best.""

Acupuncturist uses needles to cut pain...2007.

Acupuncturist uses needles to cut pain., March 06, 2007. (printed copy)

"...I guess I've been to 20 different doctors and the National Center for Facial Paralysis in Maryland...I've been tested for Lyme disease many, many times, had dozens of chest X-rays, everything you can imagine...I've been given facial messages, anodyne treatments, and more...Then there's the medications: from steroids to anti-viral medications. Nothing has worked like acupuncture."

Needles and Beads - Patient Pins Her Hopes On Acupuncture...2001.

Needles and Beads - Will the Pain Never Cease? Patient Pins Her Hopes On Acupuncture. Charleston Gazette,July 17, 2001. (printed copy)

"I developed the worst case of shingles you can imagine,...combined with the fibromyalgia she had since 1989, the pain and fatigue were becoming increasingly unbearable...I could hardly make myself eat, and I had no energy whatsoever...I bonded with Dr. Shang almost immediately,...the last three or four weeks, I've been working out in the yard, going on trips. I even got down on the floor and wrestled with my grandchildren...And I'm going to stick with Dr. Shang."

Acupuncture as Highly Effective Form of Treatment...1998.

Acupuncture: Medical Profession Accepting Procedure as Highly Effective Form of Treatment. Appalachian News-Express, May 3, 1998.
"...Sure, I was reluctant. But after the first treatment I became a believer. It was amazing. One of my fingers had been badly hurt in the accident, too. Before that first treatment I was unable to bend it at all. But just minutes following Dr. Shang's initial treatment, I pretty much had full use of it. And after 14 treatments, I can honestly say that all of my pain caused by the chest injuries disappear as well."